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markfx_avatarI'm a 3D / visual effects artist, film maker, and occasional writer with some design experience. My professional goal is to continue being able to combine my love of storytelling with my strong technical background; whether they're in the form of movies, games, or other any other interactive medium.

I consider myself a citizen of the world. I spent my formative years in the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, and Australia. I moved here to the USA in the pursuit of higher education and wider opportunities in my career of choice. Due to these experiences, I bring with me a fresh perspective to whatever project I become involved with.

Please check my resume to see my programs of choice but frankly, I believe that it's not about the program as much as the capabilities of the user. As a tech-savvy individual, I can honestly say that I can (and would) learn any program I need to learn in order to achieve a certain goal.

When I'm not on the computer working on my next CG project, I can be found on set supervising for visual effects (among other things), in meetings discussing shots, or drafting out my next big idea. I have also been involved in educating individuals about computer graphics work, visual effects, and design. I look forward to hearing from you. 



Please feel free to explore my web network through the site; follow me twitter for updates on my work, life, other random things (plus a witty comment or two). See my professional networks on linkedin. Look through my list of projects and observe work processes on my CG Development Blog.

For complimentary consultations, feel free to contact me.