Shots 1 and 2: The "Milkbath" Environment Sequence

Show: Minority Report (FOX) (2015)

Role(s): Sequence CG Artist and Compositing Sequence Support


Work Description:

Modeled, textured, lit, and rendered a new interpretation of the "Milkbath" environment based on video references from the original Spielberg-directed feature.


Worked with the Art Director in setting up the look of the the environment asset which was then distributed to various compositors to integrate with the practical set footage.


Majority of the overall look was dialed in the CG Development stage with a few adjustments for integration in final compositing.


Software: Maya with VRay,

Nuke with Sapphire Plugins



Shot 3:  City Aerial Establishing Shot

Show: Gotham (Gotham) (2015)

Role(s): Final Compositor and Additional CG


Work Description:

Originally was working only in an Additional CG support role lighting and rendering the train asset for the scene before taking over the Final Compositing in the later stages of delivery.


Final Compositing duties included rebalancing the aesthetics of the original shot - integrating the distant and midground Digital Matte Painting elements, midground 3d asset renders, and foreground cg along with fixing mattes and layering them appropriately in depth as required by the shot.


Additional responsibilities included rendering reflection passes for foreground cg and communicating required passes from the CG Department to address notes from VFX Supervisors.


Software: Nuke, Maya with V-Ray, Modo



Shot 4: Bruce Wayne Jumps

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2015)

Role: Compositor


Work Description:

Retimed green screen footage of Bruce and a integrated him with Digital Matte Painting and CG background elements.


Software: Nuke



Shot 5: Arkham Asylum Raining Night Establishing Shot

Show: Gotham (2015-2017)

Role(s): Sequence Final Compositor, Sequence Previsualization and Additional CG


Work Description:

Optimized and exported Modo assets for CG Development.


Animated Previsualization camera to simulate drone flight motion for the full 3d establishing shots for the Arkham Asylum landmark location.


Rendered rolling fog for the ground environment.


Set-up projections to augment cg asset with photographic textures from the Digital Matte Painting Department and on-set photographs.


Look Developed environment lighting effects in compositing and integrating it with miscellaneous environmental effects.


Software: Nuke, Modo, Maya with VRay



Shot 6: Mosaic Animation to Tracking Satellite HUD

Show: Person of Interest (CBS) (2014)

Role(s): Motion Graphics Artist, Final Compositor


Work Description:

Animated security camera animation from template, designed and animated basic Satellite HUD over-layed on stock footage,


Software: After Effects



Shot 7: Finch in Hong Kong

Show: Person of Interest (CBS) (2014)

Role: Compositor


Work Description:

Blue screen extraction and background integration.


Software: Nuke, Mocha



Shot 8: The Freeze Bomb

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2015)

Role(s): Final Compositor, CG Development


Work Description:

Look Developed and animated the cg aspect of the shot with the client’s concept of Mr. Freeze’s new Freeze Bomb effect for the particular episode. CG tasks included scene setup, modeling, sculpting, animation, and rendering of hard surface ice elements which were then taken to Nuke for scene integration with particle and light effects.


Software: Maya with V-Ray, Mudbox, Nuke



Shot 11: The Allergen

Show: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS) (2015)

Role(s): Final Compositor, Additional CG


Work Description:

This was one of those shots that had to be Look-Developed and Visualized during the course of working on the actual shot. Previsualized the animation of transitionary stages from the A-Plate to full CG and then back to the B-Plate.


Set-up a projection scene of the A-Plate that was combined with a 3d camera to transition into a full CG medical scene and which was then transition-timed between elements before snap-zooming back to the B-Plate.


Software: Nuke, Maya



Shot 12: Dissolving Hands

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2016)

Role(s): Final Compositor, CG Generalist, Tracker


Work Description:

Took this shot in my compositing sequence that was originally slated for just 2d compositing before deciding on and pitching a 3d-based approach attempted for the same bid time. The shot was ultimately delivered under its bid time.


After the base hand model was tracked into place, I painted and sculpted varied layer states of the dissolving hands which were then animated and revealed in final compositing.


Software: Nuke, Maya with V-Ray, Mudbox, Mocha, PFTrack



Shot 13: The Claw

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2015)

Role: Sequence Final Compositor


Work Description:

Integrated CG claws into different shots with varying light conditions and augmenting it with additional elements as necessary based on the narrative.


Software: Nuke, Mocha



Shot 14: Stabbed in the Back

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2016)

Role(s): Final Compositor, CG Generalist


Work Description:

Modeled, textured, lit, animated, and rendered sword in Nuke’s new RayRender which was tracked and integrated into multiple scenes.


Software: Nuke, Maya



Shot 15: The Murder Scene

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2017)

Role(s): Sequence Final Compositor,

Sequence CG Generalist


Work Description:

Matchmoved head geometry which was then sculpted and painted using a combination of projections from the scene’s camera and miscellaneous photographic textures. Projection-3d scene was rendered inside Nuke with the ScanlineRender using alembics to incorporate subtle animations for realism.


Integrated projection-3d scene renders along with miscellaneous matte painting elements and propagated it to multiple shots.


Software: Nuke, Maya with V-Ray, Mudbox, PFTrack



Shot 16: Deathlok’s HUD

Show: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (FOX) (2014)

Role(s): Sequence Motion Graphics Artist, Sequence Compositor


Work Description:

Developed the sequence look for the character’s Head-up Display view to indicate his bionic nature.


Composited hero shots and set up and optimized master After Effects scripts for other compositors to work with.


Software: After Effects, Maya



Shots 17 and 18: Coulson’s Shield

Show: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (FOX) (2017)

Role(s): Sequence CG Artist,

Sequence Compositing TD


Work Description:

Converted original After Effects-based compositing setup to work with a Nuke-based team on a new episodic sequence and for future episodes utilizing the Captain America projection shield effect established earlier on the show.


Set up Nuke master scripts and propagated them to a compositing team.


Took existing CG setups from a previous episodes and rendered new elements specific to the new episodic sequence.


Composited available shots to final after completing prep tasks.



Software: Nuke with Sapphire Plugins, Maya with Redshift, After Effects



Shot 19: The Burning House

Show: Scream (MTV) (2016)

Role: Compositor


Work Description:

Worked with the compositing lead in establishing a fire sequence look for a progressively-burning house.


Executed compositing sequence look among a number of shots in the episodic sequence.


Software: Nuke, Photoshop



Shot 20: The Island

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2015)

Role: Compositor, Additional CG


Work Description:

  • Look-developed mastershot with sequence lead.
  • Exported and setup scene assets for cg.
  • Setup and painted texture projections.
  • Composited shot.


Software: Nuke, Maya with Arnold, Modo



Shot 20: In the Snow

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2017)

Role(s): Compositor, Projection Setups and Additional CG


Work Description:

Look-developed the shot with the Art Director based on client specifications.


Re-worked existing Digital Matte Painting setups which were system resource-intensive and optimized them using a much lighter UV-based projection setup. Initial projection were then painted to fix seams and blend areas to account for shot’s sweeping camera move.


Composited final shot with the approved look and environmental effects.


Software: Nuke, Maya, Mudbox



Shot 21: The Burning City

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2017)

Role(s): Final Compositor, Projection Setups and Additional CG


Work Description:

  • Look-developed shot with key plot location for multi-episode establishing aerial shot.
  • Setup projections and additional cg objects for shot 2.5d integration.
  • Rendered key asset for repurposed shot which required the upscaling of original shot and combined it with a secondary camera move.


Software: Nuke, Maya with V-Ray



Shot 22: Barbara Falls

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2015)

Role(s): Sequence Compositor, Projection Setups and Additional CG


Work Description:

Composited shot sequence while providing additional cg support.


Software: Nuke, Photoshop, Maya, Modo



Shots 23 and 24: Hanging

Show: Training Day (CBS) (2017)

Role: Sequence Compositor


Work Description:

Composited shots in sequence.

Software: Nuke



Shot 25: Gordon has the Virus

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2017)

Role(s): Compositing Sequence Lead, Matchmover


Work Description:

  • Optimized head model for limited matchmoving based on actor’s head scan.
  • Developed multi-episode skin effect treatment and variations per key character.
  • Setup and optimized script templates for use by other artists on various episodes.
  • Trained new artists in the look subtleties and techniques used in the shot sequences.
  • Took over more complex shots while leading shot sequences over a multi-episode arc.


Software: Nuke with GeoTracker, Photoshop



Shot 26: Justice is Served

Show: Gotham (FOX) (2017)

Role(s): Compositing Sequence Lead, Matchmover, Projection Setups and Additional CG


Work Description:

  • R&D’d look and skin effect animation based on the show’s plot.
  • Supported junior 3d artist in optimizing scene workflow.
  • Integrated overall base cg into the shot with additional texture projection techniques.
  • Matchmoved and animated head.
  • Animated and applied facial skin effects.


Software: Nuke, Maya






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